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Quantum Learning System
Quantum Learning System for Quantum Learners

The Quantum Learning® System Helps Students Focus Their Energy And Get What They Want Out Of School And Life
Over Eight Million Students Have Benefited From The Quantum Learning System - Now You Can Give The Gift Of Natural Learning To Your Son Or Daughter

Are there times when your son or daughter just can't make things turn out the right way at school or in life? No matter how much time goes into studying for a test the grade doesn't reflect the effort. Or maybe you just don't see the motivation in your child. Perhaps you sense there is a lack of focus, or is it a lack of confidence?

The Quantum Learning System from world-renowned educator, Bobbi DePorter, can change all that with straightforward, easy-to-understand learning tools for middle school and high school students.

I want to help my child in school and in life by sharing the Quantum Learning tools that can dramatically boost the confidence, motivation and grades of any student.

I understand that the Quantum Learning System contains the same skills training that over 55,000 teachers have been trained in and that has positively impacted some eight million students since 1992. I also understand that you have trained another 58,000 students in these same learning and life skills in your highly regarded summer camp program, SuperCamp, since 1982.

I further understand that an independent study of over 6,000 SuperCamp graduates, ages 12-22, revealed the following impressive results:

SuperCamp Result Chart

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(1) The six-book Quantum Upgrade Series helps students take
charge of how they feel, think and learn. These books get kids ready with the real-world learning and life skills to push their personal boundaries of creativity and innovation.

(2) Two valuable life skills DVDs: Maximizing Your Motivation and
Tools for Clear Communication that inspire students to overcome self-limitations and to adopt more empowering beliefs while help building skills to resolve conflicts, clear up upsets, give acknowledgements, and build friendships.

(3) The 8 Keys of Excellence: Principles to Live By – Bobbi
DePorter's seminal book of life principles that lays the foundation for all Quantum Learning instruction.

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Quantum Success – 8 Key Catalysts to Shift Your Energy into Dynamic Focus. The tools, strategies and stories in this book will speed your life in your own unique direction and create the energy shift and enhanced results you desire. Don Kassing, president of San Jose State University, says, “Quantum Success will give your adults (as well as people of all ages) tools to help them learn, communicate, and have successful relationships, along with inspiration and direction in leading meaningful and fulfilling lives.”

The Seven Biggest Teen Problems Book
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